Pre Test Lessons Raheny

The Best Pre Test Lessons Raheny can Offer

High 1st Time Pass Rate

Looking to pass your Driving Test in Raheny for the first time or maybe this is your umpteenth time.
Well don’t panic Award Driving is here to help you pass your Driving Test in Raheny this time. Our Pre Test Lessons in Raheny are the perfect way to help you prepare for your driving test in Raheny, weather its in a manual or a automatic car.

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We have a extremely High Pass Rate compared to other driving schools. Your Pre Test Lesson will be taught by a former DRIVING TEST EXAMINER.

His Knowledge will be your key in passing your driving test. He will show you your faults, why it is a fault and also how to correct them.

All the Raheny test routes will be covered and Joe will show you where most of the faults occur on these routes. So when your on your Driving Test you will know exactly what to do.

Your Pre Test Driving Lesson in Raheny Includes the following

  • Verbal and Road Sign Questions that will be asked inside the office  before the Driving Test
  • Techincal Questions asked at the car
  • Secondary Questions that will be asked inside of the car
  • Hand Signal Questions that will be asked inside of the car
  • How the Driving Tester would like you to execute the Reverse and Turnabout manouvres.
  • Hill Start
  • Your driving faults explained and how to correct them
  • The manner in which the Driving Tester will give you commands during your driving test
  • Be shown the Raheny Driving Test Routes that the Driving Tester could bring you on the day of your test.

We can offer you a hire of a Manual or a Automatic car for your driving test as long as we feel you are at a standard to take your driving test in Raheny.

So Don’t Delay get your REWARD with AWARD today.